Moody Black & Gold Wedding Invitations

Designing and putting together our wedding invitations was one of my favorite parts of our planning. These beauties are one of a kind.

I knew I wanted black and gold to be our wedding colors so I really planned the rest of our wedding decor and feel around these invitations. Your wedding invite sets the tone for the whole event. So think about what kind of wedding you want as you're deciding what kind of invites you want to purchase. Colors, paper, texture, stamps and liners all play a role. 

I wanted pressed gold foil on a black background so I ordered the actual paper invites from Now Minted doesn't offer colored envelopes, so I ordered those from The Liners and band I made by hand from an amazing photograph I found on Etsy. The calligraphy really added something so special to these. I knew I was never going to be able to address these by hand to the level I wanted them so I found a calligrapher who had some wonderful samples of gold ink in. The images below show everything all together including the vintage stamps I also purchases with a corresponding color scheme. 

Where everything came from:
Calligraphy: Seniman Calligraphy
Floral Photograph for Liner/Band: Kristybee Photography
Gold Foil Pressed Invites: Minted
Vintage Stamps: 
Black Envelopes: Cards & Pockets