"Jungle Basketball Babies" - Nursery Commission

I'm so excited to share this commission piece with you FINALLY! These little jungle babies were such a joy to create and I hope they make you smile. This piece was commissioned by a family in Tennessee for their little boy's room. 

Part of the fun for me when working on a new commission is taking the original ideas from the client and making something totally unique for them! Every client has certain ideas and concepts they want to see in their painting. One of the things this client asked for was to see their baby's name incorporated into the painting somehow. The best part of what I get to do as an artist is take those ideas and bring them to life for the client. Giving color and form to what they see in their mind.


I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your artwork and the whimsy that each picture captures. I was wondering if I could commission you to do some artwork for my nursery. I love the bright colors that you are using. We are having a boy and painting the walls a pastel blue. My husband loves basketball and I was wondering if there was a way that you could do a painting with various animals either playing multiple sports or playing basketball. They don't have to be engaged in playing the sport, but could be holding the ball. Honestly, I would love to hear your thoughts and I am very open to any concept that you may have."

From this original message we worked together on some ideas and the below Nursery Illustration came to life. After I finish a commission like this it's always fun to look back at the original contact message to see how far the piece has really come from those first thoughts the client had.

• Watercolor & Ink
• 140lb Hot Press Watercolor Paper
• 20 x 24 inches


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