Brilliant Critter Watercolor Art and Illustration

Hi There!
My name is Kristin Shockley and I'm the artist behind Brilliant Critter. 

What is Brilliant Critter?
It's an artwork brand with bright and whimsical designs. Geared toward children of all ages and adults. I have a lot of goals and I hope to branch out into more than just prints and paintings. I see clothing, bedding and many other things in my future. 

Where did the name come from? I have had a ton of questions about this so I thought I would answer it here. The word brilliant has two meanings for me really. The brightness of color which is a theme through all my art and the idea of my critters being smart and having little personalities all to themselves. I played with a number of name ideas and this one just stuck.

Why Watercolor?
Through my relationship with art I have probably tried every medium there is to offer. There are things I love about all of them but watercolor is my favorite. I love how the blending works and how forgiving it is to work with. It can be soft or bursting with color.

A bit about Kristin.
I have been creating, crafting and painting for as long as I can remember. I NEED to create! Does that make sense? I know need is a strong word but for all you creative people out there I'm sure you can relate. It's like something is missing when I'm not working on a project that feeds my creative soul and brings a smile to my face.



I came to this conclusion and decided to do something about it. I wanted to make art more a part of my life and to share what I create with others.

For many reasons I decided to go to school for Graphic Design and I'm very glad I did. Much of what I have learned helps me with my marketing and branding for Brilliant Critter. But I felt like something was missing as I progressed in my career. While I have an odd infatuation with my Apple products (seriously) I missed my paint brushes. 

Brilliant Critter is filled with all my original whimsical creations. From feathers, to floating hedgehogs, every painting and illustration starts out as a hand drawn sketch. I then paint each of these unique sketches in my little beach apartment in Virginia Beach. 

Some of my more recent work has involved more pen outlining and less color variation in the characters. I love the simplicity and sweetness in this look.

I hope you love my creations as much as I do and their bright personalities and style bring a little joy to your heart.

Send me a Message! I love connecting with new people and working on special projects. I am currently accepting custom commissions. 

You can purchase prints and see more of my work in my Etsy Shop.